Thirty Six & Crazy

39 B3 Center St
Cuttingsville, VT

Thirty Six & Crazy was created by artist Rebekkah Ziel with the mission to create beautiful and meaningful artwork that captures historic moments for preservation and appreciation by future generations.

At the gallery in Brandon you will find framed prints, canvas prints, face masks, original encaustic works, and more.

In addition to creating and selling art, we also offer the following services:

  • Kitchen Design: Your dream kitchen designed virtually with the expertise to execute your vision
  • Art Education: classes are offered on kitchen design, photography, encaustics, web design and social media
    • Classes can be held virtually via GoToMeeting
  • Web Design and Creation

Thirty Six and Crazy is currently by appointment only.

Please contact via email, our website, or by calling 860-918-1423 to set up an appointment!

I look forward to meeting you!