Rutland County Parent Child Center

34 Faivre Circle
Brandon, VT

Founded in 1984, the Rutland County Parent-Child Center (RCPCC) helps people transform their lives with whole-family services delivered through a unique and dynamic community framework of integrated programming. Our highest goal is to enhance the local community in ways that make every individual feel valued. RCPCC’s 2Gen Whole Family approach provides wrap-around services to families living in poverty, including community, resources, knowledge and support that enables them to thrive. We believe that, despite the benefits of high-quality early education programs, children often do not emerge from poverty if parents are unsupported. Moreover, today’s teens are the next decade’s parents so we equip those who are struggling with the tools to become healthy and prosperous adults. Together with our families, we co-create social capital, education, health and economic options.

Choosing an early childhood education program for your child is not just a decision about where the child is going to while away a few hours on a given day: it is a decision that directly impacts your family’s lifestyle and growth together and may have a profound impact on your child’s future. You are deciding about an environment that is going to help shape your child’s social and emotional growth, brain development, and ability to self-organize and apply practical skills. Your decision to place your child also affects your day-to-day quality of life, peace of mind and health.

It is not a decision to be made lightly. When a parent decides on RCPCC, we honor that by taking very seriously the responsibility of providing the right environment for the child. [link to philosophy on learning]