Dutiful Dog, The

1 Old Farm Road
Brandon, VT
muffie.the dutifuldog@gmail.com

Muffie Sterling is the owner/trainer of The Dutiful Dog. Hers is a balanced
method of training, which uses both rewards for acceptable behaviors and
aversive consequences for unacceptable behaviors. She has owned & trained German Shepherds since 1982.
Muffie enjoys being a Mobile Trainer because of the flexibility it provides,
especially with Private Lessons, where she can work one-on-one with owners and their dogs to achieve their desired goals.
The Dutiful Dog offers Private, Semi-private & Small Group Lessons, Out &
About Classes, Day-Trains & Tele-Trains. For more information, call Muffie
at 802-349-6063 or email her at muffie.thedutifuldog@gmail.com.