Bernie Carr-Public Information Officer for Segment 6 project.

As of December 1st 2019 my position as PIO for the segment 6 road, infrastructure & streetscape construction project has come to an end. Any further contact and questions relating to the project should be directed to Town Manager Dave Atherton at 247-3635  ext-210.

I want to thank Casella, Dubois & King, the town management, the state and federal entities and the many sub-contractors with whom I had so much interaction! It was truly a learning experience and their professionalism and responsiveness was very much appreciated.

Most importantly, the residents of Brandon and the surrounding areas should be very proud of their ability to have coped with the massive intrusion that this project was on their daily lives and routines. Their patience, civility and support throughout made my job much easier.

For the business community, accessibility and the general mantra of avoiding Brandon, had a significant and burdensome impact on finances. Many thanks go out for their resolve to “keep their eye on the prize” and reap the benefits of the finished product. Their flexibility, patience and cooperation made the interaction with the contractors much more successful and contributed to the positive results we are now enjoying.

Along with many of you, I also had my home and business within the Segment 6 project limits. I feel this gave me the unique ability to empathize with the many large and small trials and tribulations that were encountered over the past 2 ½ years. Once again I thank you all and am so very proud of my town and my fellow Brandonites.

Bernie Carr


Central Park- Intersections of Franklin, Park, Carver, Union and Center Streets.
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Photo by Alan J. Keays/VTDigger  Groundbreaking ceremony- July 31st 2017


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Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Brandon Alliance are excited to announce the monthly winners of $50 in “Brandon Green”!!
Select Board preparing for the inaugural $50 Brandon Green drawing!
Winner #1- Sue Young-Walsh
Winner #2- Terrie Patch
 Winner # 3- Steve Carr
Winner #4- Ed Thomas
 Winner #5- Wayne Rausenberger
Winner #6- Nancy Meffe
Winner #7- Lisa Hope
Winner #8-  Sue Markowski
Winner #9- Heather Best
Winner #10- George Fjeld
Winner #11- our first 2 time winner! George Fjeld
Winner #12- Russ McColman
Winner #13- Lou Van Horn 
Winner #14- Liz Gregorek
Winner #15- Gavin Preseau
Winner #16- Sally Cook
Winner #17- J C Sharrow
Winner #18- Sam Gilmore
Winners #19 & #20 were camera shy-  Dan Boyce was month 19 and his son Kyle Boyce was month 20!!!! 
Winner #21- Claire McGuigan
Winner #22- Caitlin Carr

Winner #23- Ardenia Murdoch

Winner #24- Chris Greco- camera shy


Winner #25- Kim Faber


Winner #26- Heather Best- Our second 2 time winner!!

Winner #27- Our last drawing of the project!- Leif Nelson!!



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