Please review the information further down this page on water shut downs for helpful info.
WORK NOTICES and INFO- Segment 6
Please notice that access into and out of all businesses on Park Street from the Brandon Inn to Bar Harbor bank is either from Park Street by the Monument or by Bar Harbor Bank. Appropriate signs should be in place to assist you. If unsure of your path please ask any of the flagmen for assistance,
You should soon see sidewalks being installed in the Central park area. 
Pavement will be done in the near future.
-Remember- there is no longer a 4 way stop at the intersection of Carver and Union Streets

Upcoming Two Weeks  (Approx.)  (08/02/18 – 08/17/18)

  • Continued installation of sewer main within US Rte 7 from Crescent Park North.
  • Continued installation of water main within Grove Street from Jiffy Mart south to Crescent Park.
  • Sidewalk grading at various locations.
  • Sidewalk installation within Segment ‘B’.
  • Roadway box cut, (subbase preparation) within Park Street.
  • High Street- Please observe the reduced construction speed limit on High Street during this time due to increased volume of traffic with the limited access on park Street.
  • Continued installation of foundations for traffic signals.
  • Continued installation of stormwater drainage piping within Park Street.
  • Continued installation of utilities between Central Park and adjacent businesses, (Brandon Inn to Bar Harbor Bank).
  1. Please watch for signage and entrance changes as construction moves around in this area. Cautious and alert driving is important as drivers enter and exit this section.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control at each of the construction activity locations.



                 % completion of all sections as of July 31st and projected completion % at year end.

Bridge 114
  • Bridge 114 8/6/18
  • Alpine is forming the abutment wall No 2 in front of 4 Conant Sq.  They will pour that small wall midweek and back-fill it 3 days later, so the first of next week.  They will then be removing some of the sidewalk in front of front of 4 Conant in preparation of the side walk retaining wall to be built on the north end of the bridge.
  • In the park they have re-mobilized the crane and power supply and will be vibrating in the approved sheeting.   That will allow Alpine to begin the excavation for the abutment No 1 footing without danger of collapse.  Once ledge is reached on the park side that footing will be formed and poured.
  • Stone samples were placed against the arch by Alpine and viewed and accepted by VT Arch.  Alpine is working to have the stone milled to shape by a contractor off site.  A 60/40 mix of grey and beige with a couple of white stones to represent any marble.






Farmer’s Market is held every Friday from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Estabrook Park!!
Come up and see all they have to offer!

The Great Brandon Auction will also be held at Estabrook Park on Tuesday, July 17th

Preview at 2:pm and the gavel falls on all the fun at 4:00pm!!


 Construction free zone every weekend!!
Come on down and poke around, enjoy our town!
Even though access is always available to all of Brandon’s businesses throughout the week and through all of the construction, it’s a little easier and little calmer on Saturday and Sunday. Pop in and meet your friends and help support Brandon businesses.
Please read further down the page for helpful tips on water shutdowns and general info on
what to expect from construction activities near your home or business..
 Click on the link below for a color rendition of the project that will allow you to zoom in on areas of interest.
Move your mouse to the lower right corner and the zoom tools will appear.
This a very LARGE file so be patient at it loads.


Flaggers for the Segment 6 construction project have reported multiple close calls with drivers who were texting or talking on their phones. Besides being illegal, this is very dangerous!

Flaggers will note license plates and Brandon police will increase enforcement during the entire 3 year project. Unless hands-free, the fine for phone use while driving is $250.00 which is doubled in work zones to $500.00!! Please keep yourselves and the workers safe and stay off your phones in work zones!


Casella Construction is Hiring- 

Casella Construction, Inc. is hiring for many professional and craft positions for the 2018 and 2019 construction seasons, including a surveyor, construction foreman, heavy equipment mechanic, heavy equipment operators, pipe layers, skilled construction laborers, and general laborers. Casella Construction employees are hard-working, focused on safety, and driven to deliver excellent results. We are motivated by the strength and dedication of our team and by the intrinsic value of spending our days building for the next generation – we get to see the results of what we do every day.

We reward the hard work of our employees with a benefits package that includes competitive pay, health insurance, dental insurance, access to four supplement insurance options, six paid holidays each year, sick pay, and a 401k retirement investment with company match.

To learn more about our open positions and apply, visit www.CasellaInc.com or call 802-773-0052. Casella Construction, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


Photo by Alan J. Keays/VTDigger  Groundbreaking ceremony- July 31st 2017


Brandon, Vermont is more than 250 years old. Let’s face it, at that age, everyone needs a little facelift! Over the next 2 1/2 years, our quintessential Vermont village will be looking at an improved streetscape, new traffic pattern, buried wires, better parking, beautiful parks, modern and safe downtown sidewalks, benches, decorative streetlights, and a 21st century underbelly.

The project that has the infamous tag line of “It won’t happen in my lifetime,” is actually here. So, what will it take to get there? Patience. Understanding. Pride. Collaboration. Energy. Inspiration.

The first part of our multi-year project was addressing some of the underbelly needs. During Tropical Storm Irene in August, 2011, some damage was done to the town’s waterlines. While we still have the best water in the State of Vermont, there were some underground problems. The 2014 Phase I portion of the project primarily addressed our waterlines. Most of the work took place in our backyards and in the Neshobe River. There was some Route 7 work. So a nice little chunk actually got done early!

The Chamber wanted to help make this as painless as possible and used it as a model for dealing with issues we’ll deal with during the larger Segment 6 construction starting now. We had good communication with all the parties involved and things went as smoothly as was possible.

And here we go! We look forward to working in the same way with the town officials, Dubois & King Engineering and Casella Construction as we go through this process in a way that is responsive to business and resident concerns, proceeds in a professional and efficient manner and maybe have some fun along the way!

Here is a copy of the brochure created to explain much of the project, process and schedule for the next two years. You can also find them in many, many businesses in and around the Brandon Forest Dale area.

Watch page three of the Brandon Pittsford Reporter for up to date info on the construction, and also promotions that the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Brandon Alliance will be running throughout the project.



After the large amount of waterline work that was done during the first months of the segment 6 project, we want to stress again the importance of flushing your waterlines via the bathtub or outdoor faucet. Some folks had issues arise that required repairs, hopefully this information will help you prevent these occurrences.

When water is turned off and on and digging and vibration occurs in the area, the decades old galvanized pipes that make up most of the service entries into our homes can have rust and dirt dislodged. This can cause problems with filters, ice makers, furnace apparatus and other things. When new municipal waterlines are installed, before they are hooked to the individual service entrances, they are flushed to clear any sediment that may have gotten into the line. The service entrance from the curb stop into the house is the responsibility of the homeowner. Therefore the need to be diligent in flushing the lines after shutdowns is imperative as the sediment is coming from your own pipes. This may help you avoid potentially costly repairs. 

We STRONGLY urge you to sign up for our newsletters! Go to Brandonbuilds.com for more info containing project updates, schedules and pictures from Casella Construction and DuBois & King. Advanced notice on planned shutdowns & emergency situations will be issued there.


                   Thanks to Ray Counter for the following helpful information below.

What goes into a water main replacement project? Replacing a water main consists of several phases.  In the first phase, the contractor will set up traffic control signs and barrels and may partially close the road.  Around the same time, the contractor will also saw cut the pavement to make way for the new water main trench.  Materials and supplies will also be delivered around the same time, and are typically placed in the curb area or in the greenspace in front of the sidewalk.

 In the next phase, the contractor will begin actual construction by digging a trench and installing new pipe, valves, and hydrants.  Each trench portion is back filled as soon as the new pipe is installed, allowing customers to access their driveways as soon as possible.  The new water main is then pressure tested, chlorinated, flushed and bacteriological test performed. This process typically takes about two weeks to complete. Once the new water main has passed its testing, the homes and buildings are then connected onto the new pipe.

The final phase is street restoration work, where the contractor will place asphalt or concrete over the trench and open the street up to traffic.  The contractor will also restore grass, sidewalk, and other disturbed areas at this time (weather permitting).

How will I be affected? Most projects will involve the closing of lanes or roads near the project location; there is a good chance that you will be affected by these closures.  Apart from street closures, your water service may also be turned off as the contractor makes water pipe connections, and also as they install new water service tubing to your building.

Will I still be able to park in my driveway/parking lot? The contractor will likely close the road to through traffic as the work is being performed.  However, you may still be able to drive into the work zone and access your driveway.  The contractor will work with you to move equipment as needed should they be blocking your way.  However, there may be a time as the contractor is working directly in front of your home or building where your driveway will not be accessible.  Please be patient and plan ahead, and do not be afraid to talk to the contractor should they be in your way.

How much of the water service will be replaced? What portion of the service is my responsibility? The Fire District owns and maintains the water service from the water main in the street to the curb stop valve, which is typically located a few feet off of the sidewalk/property line. The Fire District will replace this section with new tubing and a new curb stop valve. The remaining portion of the service, from the curb stop valve to the meter in the building, is the responsibility of the property owner.  The curb stop valve itself is the responsibility of the Fire District.

Will my water be shut off? Will I get notified before the water is shut off? There are three types of water outages.  The first type will occur as the contractor makes connections between existing water mains and new water mains.  This outage will last for approximately 4 to 6 hours.  The Fire District will notify you 1 to 2 days prior to these shutdowns via door-to-door flyers and at times, via electronic newsletters/emails.

The second type will occur as each home’s water service tubing is reconnected to the new water main.  This will happen to homes and buildings where the new water main crosses directly in front of the property.  Expect to be out of water for between 60 and 90 minutes as this work is done.  The contractor will knock on your door to notify you before they make the water service connection.

The third type will occur when a water main or service has ruptured and an immediate shutdown is required. This can occur during construction because of age of pipe, inaccurate mapping of the system or by accident. Critical customers will be notified before the water is shut off if the situation allows. Notification will be made to others when the situation is under control and an assessment has been made.

Do I need to do anything to ready my property for the water outages? It is a good idea to store some water and put it aside for drinking and flushing of toilets. You should also make sure to not have your dishwasher or clothes washer running as the water is to be shut off. Shut off your icemaker until you have flushed the water after it is turned back on. After your water is turned back on, you may notice some discolored water or air in the line. This can be remedied by running your water for 10 or 15 minutes immediately after the water is turned back on. The best places to flush is through an outside spigot or bathtub faucet. (Recommendations for emergencies are to store 1 gallon per person per day. Also, don’t forget your pets!)

What do I do if I have low water pressure when the water comes back on? First, unscrew the faucet screens and make sure they are not clogged.  Sometimes, sediment from inside the building’s piping breaks loose when the water is turned off and on, and may clog these screens. If the screens are not clogged, and if the low water pressure problem is throughout your building, contact the Fire District at (802)247-3311.

What do I do if I have cloudy water after the water is turned back on? Flush cold water out of several faucets at the same time, letting the water run for 10 or 15 minutes.

If the water does not clear up, contact the Fire District at (802)247-3311.   brandonfdno1@myfairpoint.net




As work continues on Brandon’s Segment 6 construction in our village, we’ve put together this information sheet to make you aware of what you might expect as construction takes place in and around your neighborhood. Work is allowed to start as early as 6:00am, but most often does not start until 6:30-7:00am, and may continue to 8:00pm at night. (This excludes 2018 work on Center Street which will be primarily night work)The only time work may go past the 8:00pm shut down is if a problem or emergency situation is encountered.

During construction operations you will encounter engine noise & back-up alarms from the machines, as well as flashing lights, headlights and free standing high intensity floodlights illuminating the work scene during dark hours. There will be loud noises from machines and materials being loaded and unloaded and you may have shaking of your house and objects within during some digging, installation of materials and compacting. Varying numbers of construction workers, flagmen and safety observers will be on scene.

Access to and from your home may be compromised during certain work activities, but CCI and D&K employees will always be on scene to assist you with safe options for coming and going. You will also be informed in a timely manner of any significant activity that may require you to make a change in your normal routine.

Normal traffic patterns in and around the construction zone may be altered, flagmen will always be on scene to assist with safe and timely traffic control.

We hope this information is helpful and answers some of the questions you may have as work proceeds with this important project. Your patience and support is appreciated and we are always available to answer questions or assist in rectifying any issues that may arise.

Thank you,

Bernie Carr-Public Information Officer-Route 7, Segment 6 Project-“Even BETTER Brandon” 

802-247-6401 (Chamber phone)   247-3744 (Gift Shop)  236-8120 (cell)     info@brandon.org

Town of Brandon, Brandon Fire District-Water Dept., Casella Construction, DuBois & King


Here are some links to images, project drawings and other information.

*Links to news items about Even BETTER Brandon
*Drawings, plans and renderings of project
*Drone flights are being carried out to document the construction along the Route 7 corridor in Brandon, VT.
For more information on these drone flights click here      For a very cool video of the drone flight over the project, click here
Watch this spot for more drone videos as the project progresses.


Want to be a part of this historical happening? The Downtown Brandon Alliance is continuing to sell bricks to be placed in the parks being redesigned during the project. Put a name, quote or memory that will be a part of Brandon forever!
Great gift for every occasion!! 
Businesses, clubs and organizations, be sure you’re literally represented in the foundation of Brandon!! 
DBA Bricks for Brandon Parks!!
Bricks for Brandon Parks will raise funds for the Downtown Brandon Alliance, which will allow the DBA to continue to promote the Brandon designated downtown core.
Brick price $35.00 per brick or 3 for $100.00
(the 3 brick deal is not available online-you must use the downloadable forms below and pay with a check or cash)
Bricks can have 3 text lines 20 character per line (including blank spaces & punctuation)
Bricks must be paid for in full before order can be placed
No guarantee on placement of bricks
We plan on continuing the program throughout the town.
Drop off your forms & check at the Town Clerk’s office
or mail to DBA, PO Box 361, Brandon VT 05733
or contact Devon Fuller at brandondba@yahoo.com.
Also watch for bricks being sold at events and happenings here in town.
Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Brandon Alliance are excited to announce the monthly
winners of $50 in “Brandon Green”!!
Pick up your $5.00 orange hard hat at the town clerk’s office and have the chance to win!!  
Sue Young-Walsh was our very first winner!! Buy a hard hat and have the chance every month, on the 4th Monday, to have one of our busy little select board members draw your name! We’ll have a drawing every month until the Segment 6 project is done.
We’re working on other special events to put your hard hat to good use. Watch this space for details as we add new and fun ways for you to help our businesses, keep the downtown busy and active and maybe even win cash,                                       gift certificates and more!
                                                             Help us make an Even BETTER Brandon!!
 Select Board preparing for the inaugural $50 Brandon Green drawing!
Winner #1 Sue Young-Walsh
Winner #2 Terrie Patch
 Winner # 3 Steve Carr
Winner #4 Ed Thomas
 Winner #5 Wayne Rausenberger
Winner #6 Nancy Meffe
Winner #7 Lisa Hope
Winner #8  Sue Markowski
Winner #9 Heather Best
Winner #10 George Fjeld
Winner #11 our first 2 time winner! George Fjeld



We hope you will stay current with us. Sign up here to receive Even BETTER Brandon e-newsletters. 



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