Senior Circuit LLC

Rutland, VT


Here to help Vermont Seniors

Senior Circuit is a concept developed out of the combined computer and technology experience of two self proclaimed “nerds” and our knowledge and experience with teaching, specifically with the senior citizens we serve.

 Senior Circuit gives you a new way to see the world, through technology, and also the way you are taught this technology. We take our expertise and go into your home and teach you any computer or technological skill you wish to learn, or introduce you to technology for the first time.

 As somebody who currently works with senior citizens, we hear a lot of you say you know little about technology, and wouldn’t even know where to go to learn. We satisfy that curiosity and introduce to you how to use computers and technology on your level in the comfort of your own home.

 Computers are everywhere, and many seniors are finding that even hobbies and crafts you have been involved in for decades are being taken over by technology. It doesn’t have to be scary, and we will even make it fun.

 Think you’re too old to learn technology? You’re never too old, give us the chance to prove it. Call today for more info 802-342-5632-Linda Devereux and John Bryant, founders, co-owners, and tutors.

Learning in the comfort of your home

 We offer personalized learning on seniors’ own computer, in your own home,where you will learn best and most comfortably!

Here is just a sampling of the wonderful things we can teach seniors to do with your computer…things that will enrich your lives through technology…so you can have fun and get things done!

· Help choose and purchase the computer or other item of technology that is right for your needs

 · Introduction to computers for those who have never used one before

 · Teach the terms often heard in technology, to better understand what these terms mean

 · Introduction to the internet

 · Set up an email account and demonstrate how to use it so you can connect with friends and family

 · How to use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others

 · How to view, edit, and organize photos

 · Information on sites like Ebay and Craigslist

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