Pale Horse Body Works

22 Center St
Brandon, VT

Pale Horse Body Works is a one of a kind facility that offers many different outlets for body work. Whether you are looking to relax, manage chronic pain, decorate your skin with custom art, decorate your walls with a custom mural, enjoy a relaxing bath with handmade bath salts and bath bombs, you can find all that and more at Pale Horse Body Works.


Pale Horse Body Works is locally owned and operated by A-Train.
A-Train is a 14 year career Tattoo Artist who grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. As an artist from a very young age, A-Train has followed his passion for art and became a highly talented Tattooer who traveled all across the country tattooing in many different states winning trophies at conventions and ever expanding his knowledge of art and tattoo.
With 14 plus years tattooing, 30 plus years as an artist, Pale Horse Body Works will deliver exactly what you want. We appreciate every client, we listen to your concerns, and without fail, we always shoot to exceed your expectations. You will not find a cleaner, more respectful, and more qualified facility than Pale Horse Body Works.


Pale Horse is proud to offer hand crafted lotion, bath bombs, bath salts, and salt scrubs! All made by our very own Erin Laframboise. Each product is made with 100% all natural ingredients.