Neshobe School

17 Neshobe Circle
Brandon, VT

Neshobe School, located at 17 Neshobe Circle Brandon, VT, serves students from the towns of Brandon and Goshen, Vermont. We have 423 students in Grades Pre K-6.

There are three education buildings on campus including the main building, the Forest Dale (brick) Building, and a self contained Art Room in the little red schoolhouse located in back of the two main buildings by the playground.

Judi Pulsifer is the school Principal. Our school secretaries are, Katie Lufkin and Anne Jones.  They are available from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. We have a full-time school nurse, a full service library and computer lab, a full time student support counselor, a full-time guidance counselor and full time Home-School Coordinator. We offer Spanish, Art, Physical Education and Vocal and Instrumental Music lessons to all of our students on a weekly basis.


Mission Statement

We Believe…
We believe in the potential of every student. We believe each student has unique needs, and that we can provide the safe, supportive, yet challenging learning environment to meet those needs and
foster growth. We believe all students learn better if there are strong connections with their teachers and other school staff, based on positive, respectful interactions. We believe family
involvement is essential to the success of our students. We encourage families to take an active role in the social and academic lives of our students. We believe it is our responsibility to provide
opportunities for families to contribute to the school community. We believe connections that are personal, educational, and family and community oriented support the whole child. These strong
connections help students feel safe both physically and emotionally in their school setting.
We believe in actively communicating to students that they are valued, and guiding them so a sense of personal and group responsibility permeates the learning environment. This encourages
students to care for and support each other, the school, and their environment, and to carry their responsible behavior into field studies and other off-campus settings. Providing many opportunities for choices help students build the skills of decision making, problem solving, as well as supporting responsible actions. As staff, we are responsible for and invested in every child. We believe in nurturing the hopes and dreams of our students. We believe in ourselves and our colleagues, that working together we can support all students to feel success and make those hopes and dreams a reality.