Heart & Soul Café

22 Park St
Brandon, VT

   My name is Tiffany Quesnel, I was born and raised in Brandon, am married and the mother of three. My interest in cooking started as a young girl watching over my grandmother along with working in restaurants as a teenager. My real passion for cooking transpired as a mother determined to learn the skills “hands on” without judgment. In recent years I was known for cooking for friends and families for gatherings, it was a hobby and an outlet. After spending many years perfecting this passion, I started an in home catering business, Quick Dish Catering, delivering food to businesses and some local elderly people. Having always dreamed of owning a café, I knew it was important to build a clientele and listen to what the community wanted. Fresh, homemade and affordable food.
   In December 2015 I was approached with an unexpected opportunity to take over at a café in the Compass Center. After taking some time to make a clear decision, Heart and Soul Café opened its doors on March 8th, 2016. In the short 6 months that I was in that location I gained even more loyal clientele and realized I needed to be in a more convenient location. The exact opportunity and location I was praying for became available right in the Heart of Brandon, the location once known as The Inside Scoop. On October 6th Heart and Soul opened its doors for the second time at 22 Park St.
   Heart and Soul Café is about feeling right at home, kid friendly and a family atmosphere. I make my buns fresh daily, sweet treats, pies, soups and salad dressings are house made. We roast our own turkey and cook our own roast beef. Every Saturday you can join us for freshly made bagels and breakfast. We offer indoor and outdoor seating.
   Starting Memorial Day weekend we will be open until 8pm Tuesday-Sunday, your chance to enjoy one of our sandwiches for dinner and indulge in Giffords ice cream for dessert.
   My Grandmother taught me to do everything I do with Heart and Soul and that is why I felt it was only appropriate to name my business, my dream, Heart and Soul Café. I welcome my community with open arms and a smile the moment you walk through my door.