Aikido Yoshokai Association of Vermont

25 Rossiter St
Brandon, VT

Welcome to Aikido Yoshokai Vermont  

Bringing Yoshokai-style Aikido to the Green Mountain State! 


Aikido is a form of Japanese Budo, based largely on movements and techniques of the Samurai.  While the movements in Aikido are closely related to fighting techniques, we use these techniques to study harmony and balanced relationships.  We primarily study with one partner in a class, and alternate between studying balanced, clear, guiding movements and off-balance, following movements.  These two participants work together to create one technique.  We emphasize safety and care for our partner so that both people can enjoy the study.

Aikido Yoshokai Association of Vermont, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 educational organization and a part of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America (AYANA).