Manufacturing is not as strong as it once was in Vermont. Having said that, our area is home to several state-of-the-art manufacturers. They represent a variety of industries and are some of the largest employers in the region. They enjoy a skilled and motivated workforce and a superb quality of life. For more information about any of these businesses, directly contact them.

  • New England Woodcraft — A family owned and operated furniture manufacturer based in Forest Dale which supplies high-end solid wood furniture directly from the factory to the buyer. 481 North Street, (mail: PO Box 165) Forest Dale, VT 05745. Phone: 802-247-8211
  • OMYA, Just over the town line in Florence sits Omya, a worldwide mineral processing company, with North, Central, and South American headquarters located in Cincinnati, Ohio. In Vermont, Omya quarries marble, which then is ground, milled, and purified to produce a finely ground calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a necessary ingredient used in a wide array of consumer products ranging from paint and paper, to vinyl siding and diapers. With over 200 employees, Omya is a large and economically significant employer in Vermont. 206 Omya West (mail: P.O. Box 10) Florence, VT 05744. Phone: 802-459-331
  • Tucel Industries — A leading research-driven manufacturing corporation that discovers, develops, innovates, manufactures and markets the broadest range of hygienic cleaning tools for our habitat, health and hygiene. 2014 Forestdale Rd. Forestdale, VT 05745-0146. Phone: 802-247-6824
  • High Pond Woodworks. 107 Newton Road Brandon, VT 05733. Phone: 802-247-6728