Brandon Vermont brandon-250-logowas chartered in 1761. It took about 20 years before being settled but once people started moving in, the town rapidly became an important mill town, industrial haven, and prominent stop on the railroad. There have been many changes in 250 years, but one thing has remained the same — Brandon is a terrific place to live, work, and visit.

Click to hear the Ballad of Brandon, written in honor of Brandon’s 250 years by Gene Childers, and performed here by Gene, Jean Childers, Kristen Varian, Denise Keating and Jim Keating. The Ballad of Brandon is being performed live at several of the town’s special events this year.

In 2011,  Brandon celebrated its history and heritage with a number of activities and events. Not only was the town 250 years old but the majestic Brandon Town Hall turned 150 years old and our esteemed Otter Valley Union High School celebrated 50 years old!