The surface of the town is generally level. The Green Mountains lie along the east line, presenting some lofty summits while to the west is the churchill-house-inn-streamsmaller Taconic Range, which ends apparently in the Sudbury area. The principal streams are Otter Creek, which runs through the town from south to north, and the Mill or Neshobe River, which rises among the mountains in Goshen and enters the town from the east. At the foot of the mountains, the Mill or Neshobe River receives the waters of a small pond, called Spring Pond and becomes a considerable mill stream.” So wrote Mrs. Augusta Kellogg in 1899 and it is much the same today.” (Brandon, Vermont: A History of the Town 1761-1961; published by the Town of Brandon, 1961.

Brandon’s central location makes it easy to get to from any direction. We are at the crossroads of Routes 7 and 73, half-way between Rutland and Middlebury.

Brandon’s population hovers around 4,000 residents spread out over 75 miles of roads.

Brandon is an intimate, warm and walkable small town with a strong sense of place and significant community and historic assets, including a compact and full-service downtown. Brandon’s downtown is unusual in that it still provides the essential goods and services that have moved to the outskirts of many Vermont towns. Our town provides the local populace and residents of surrounding towns with opportunities for jobs, retail goods and services, and the social and civic benefits of an active and diverse community. The things which make Brandon special include our natural resources, our historic streetscape and our community character.

Included within the Town are the villages of Brandon and Forest Dale. Forest Dale is Brandon’s small village to its east with its own historic district and charming history. It includes a well-preserved 19th century Blast Furnace and is home to several of Brandon’s top manufacturers. The village houses our elementary school, has its own post office, as well as a couple of small grocery stores.

Brandon is located at the north central border of Rutland County. Rutland City, our county seat, sits to the south and Middlebury, shire town of Addison County, sits to the north.

(some of the information on this page is from the Brandon Town Plan, May 2009)